Need support? It’s right here.

You’ll see these names and individuals a lot during your time at Illinois. They’re here to help and to contribute to your success.



Kelly Janssen

Director, Admissions & Recruiting


Kaci Abolt

Coordinator, Admissions & Recruiting


Academic Advising

Jana Lithgow

Assistant Dean for Advising, Registration and Student Support


Nicole Turner

Associate Director, Academic Advising


Heather Fletcher

Academic Advisor – Business Unassigned


Timothy Flanagin

Academic Coordinator & Student Advisor – Finance


Nicole Del Mastro-Jeffrey

Academic Advisor – Finance


Jeff Headtke

Academic Coordinator & Student Advisor – Business Administration


Leslie Lewis

Academic Advisor – Business Administration



Teresa D’Urso



Amber Moore

Admissions & Records Officer


Honors Programs

Robert Metzger

Director, Honors & Experiential Programs


Kerri Green

Associate Director, Honors

International Programs

Christine Gozdziak

Assistant Dean, International Programs


Dan Anderson

Associate Director, International Programs


Victoria Huart 

Assistant Director, Business Operations


Jess Hawkey

Office Manager


Technology & Management Program

John Quarton

Director, Hoeft Technology & Management Program and Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership


Beth Leamon

Office Administrator


Undergraduate Affairs

Kevin Jackson, PhD

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Affairs


Jewell White

Assistant Dean, Access and Multicultural Engagement


Alex See

Associate Director, Undergraduate Affairs


Michel Watkins

Senior Assistant Director, New Student Programs


Lezli Cline

Office Administrator


Ruth Pedigo

Office Manager


Celeste Richardson

Administrative Clerk