Degree Programs

3 departments.

All featuring practical experience, hands-on curriculum, and world-renowned faculty.

The Gies College of Business is divided into 3 departments: Accountancy, Business Administration, and Finance. You’ll take courses in all 3, along with what’s called Business Core Curriculum (more on that below). That way, you’ll have a solid foundation of knowledge when you graduate.

Of course, by the end of your sophomore year, you have to select a major. By that time, you’ll probably know what you want to study (and you’ll have a lot of help along the way, too!).

So let’s talk a little about each department.

Department of Accountancy

Got a way with numbers? Accountancy is home to one of the nation’s top accountancy programs. Naturally, it’s a popular choice for students who want to be CPAs (Certified Public Accountants). The Accountancy program offers a fifth-year master’s option if you’re gearing up to sit for the CPA exam. Find out more.

Department of Business Administration

Super-flexible, super versatile. Business Administration includes majors in Marketing, Management, Information Systems/Information Technology Management, Business Process Management, and Supply Chain Management, along with concentrations in Entrepreneurship and International Business. With highly ranked programs in Management, Marketing, and Business Process, Business Administration gives you a deep understanding of how businesses function.  Find out more.

Department of Finance

The science of money. Measure the ways time and risk affect money management, whether it’s for individuals, small startups, or huge global corporations. Get advanced, hands-on training in financial software like Capital IQ, Bloomberg Professional, and Crystal Ball in our Margolis Market Information Lab and Infinium Trading Lab. With top-ranked programs—including Risk Management, Wealth Management, and Corporate Finance—we’ll make sure you’re prepared to make an impact wherever you take a job.  Find out more.