Let’s make the cost of your business education a little easier.

Each year, the Gies College of Business offers numerous scholarships to get you one step closer to achieving your dreams. And working together, we can make it happen. The scholarships application is available here. This application is only for current business students. Applicants to the Gies College of Business are all evaluated for scholarships based on their application for admission. There are no additional forms nor applications that need to be filled out by applicants.

The application period for College of Business undergrads who are currently enrolled in classes begins the first Monday in December and continues until the last day in January at noon. Applicants for the Gies Colleges of Business, freshman and transfer, will be considered for scholarships once they have been admitted to the College. The admissions application doubles as the scholarship application for scholarships awarded by the Gies College of Business.


Alan and Marla Patzik Family Scholarship

Albert and Mildred Vondenbosch Scholarship

Alessandra W. Zawadzki Scholarship

Allen C. Berg Scholarship

Allen John Kreitzer, Jr. Scholarship

Allen R. and Linda L. Cassens Scholarship

Alpha Kappa Psi Epsilon Alumni Scholarship

Ann and Ralph Mason Endowed Fund

Anna Lou Johnston Roth Scholarship

Anne Marie Rudo Scholarship

Anthony J. Petullo Leaders in Business Scholarship

BP America Scholarship

Barent and Jessie Springsted Scholarship

Birton J. Cowden Scholarship

Bradley J. and Susan M. Oltmanns Centennial Scholarship

Bruce and Anne Strohm Foreign Experience Scholarship

Bruce D. Lundstrom International Study Abroad Scholarship

Business Council Undergraduate Scholarship

Business International Programs Scholarship

Business Loyalty Scholarship

Buzza Family Scholarship

CA Ventures Golf Outing Scholarship

Caterpillar Excellence Award

Caterpillar Scholarship

Charles L. and Garland B. Fletcher Scholarship

Chas Edelstein Scholarship

Chris Perry Scholarship

Christopher D’Hondt Scholarship

Christopher Gleason Scholarship

College of Business Alumni Association and Dean’s Business Council Fall Finale Golf Outing Scholarship

College of Business Alumni Association Board Scholarship

College of Business Scholarship

College of Business Honors Scholarship

Cozad Lecture in Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Crowe Horwath Accountancy Scholarship

Crowe Horwath  LLP Outstanding MIS Scholarship

Cynthia and Dan Helle Scholarship

David Alan Abrahamson Endowed Scholarship

David and Linda Richter Scholarship

David Kinley Educational Foundation Scholarship

Dawn and David Lehmann Scholarship

Dean’s Business Council Scholarship

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship

Delta Sigma Pi Key Award

Dick Hill Scholarship

DiTommaso Family Scholarship

Donald and Phyllis Blakey Scholarship

Donald J. and Anne M. Edwards Scholarship

Doug and Jonna Rescho Scholarship

Ed and Carol Scharlau Access Illinois Scholarship

Edward F. and Maisie L. Heiken Scholarship

Edward L. Whitaker Student Award

Elmer Staats and Chuck Bowsher Scholarship

Emerson Cammack Undergraduate Scholarship

Ernst & Young Golf Outing Scholarship

Ernsteen Family Centennial Scholarship

George H. and Gertrude J. Schiff Scholarship

George P. and Amanda B. Hanley Scholarship

Gerald M. Marks Memorial Scholarship

Gloria A. and Paul M. Dauten, Jr. Scholarship

Glenn S. Winokur Scholarship

Goldie Maxine Cord and Marcus Franklin Cord Scholarship

Goltermann Scholarship Honoring Professor Ken Perry

H. Keith McVicker Scholarship

Hamm Family Foundation Scholarship

Herbert H. and Regina Krantz Moede Scholarship

Harold V. and Caroline H. Miller Scholarship

Hiram W. Belnap Scholarship

Howard Family Trust Scholarship

Howard P. Woerner Scholarship

Howard Thomas Scholarship

Hugh W. Frey Scholarship

IDM Scholarship

J and J Schubert Scholarship

J. Eric Smith Scholarship

J. Villagomez Foundation Scholarship

James J. and June D. Gustat Scholarship

James R. Cantalupo Scholarship

James R. Hall Scholarship

Janice Flora Wilkinson Memorial Scholarship

Jeff and Beth Izenman Business Scholarship

Jeffery P. and Dr. Nancy B. Tarte Honors Scholarship

Jeffrey and Marianne Johanns Centennial Scholarship

Jin and Joo Lee Family Foundation Scholarship

Joel D. and Analee Weisman Award

John A. Schoen Entrepreneurial Studies Scholarship Fund

John Deere/SCM Scholarship

John L. and Ruth B. Morton Scholarship

John W. Queenan Scholarship

Jonathan M. and Judith D. Groesbeck Scholarship

Joseph P. and Janet M. Nolan Centennial Scholarship

Juanita G. Elledge Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Katharina and Everett V. Westmeyer Scholarship

Ken and Betty Hughes Scholarship

Kenneth M. and Lois G. Stevens Business Scholarship

Kenneth W. Perry Scholarship

KPMG Golf Outing Scholarship

Kurinsky Family Scholarship

Lawrence I. and Barbara Field Scholarship

Lawrence T. Jacobsen Scholarship

Leiby S. Hall Scholarship

Leiby S. Hall Study Abroad Scholarship

Legacy Gift Scholarship, 2011 Senior Class

Lev Family Scholarship

Libman Scholarship

Lloyd Morey Memorial Award

Lowell N. Johnson Scholarship

Marie E. Madigan Scholarship

Marvin and Susan Moses Scholarship

Mary Sparks Alley Scholarship

Max E. and Miriam F. Tarble Scholarship

Mazzetta Company LLC Golf Outing Scholarship

Mazzetta Family Foundation Scholarship

Mead Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Mel Katten Family Scholarship

Michael and Diane Hora Scholarship

Michael A. and Debra B. Chorpash Scholarship

Michael G. Small Golf Outing Scholarship

Michael K. Magill Scholarship

Michael R. Thomas Scholarship

Middlemas Family Scholarship

Milton F. Darr, Jr. and Margaret P. Darr Scholarship

Mingmei Hong Lampe Scholarship

Naughton Family International Business Scholarship

Neal and Laurie Price Family Scholarship

Norfolk Southern Scholarship

Norman W. Barnett Scholarship

Paul C. Fulton Scholarship

Peggy L. Pool Graening Scholarship

Peter and Susan Schaeffer Scholarship

Peter M. Labadie and Suzanne L. Saxman Scholarship

Prairie Capital Golf Outing Scholarship

Professor Philip and Cheryl Rushing Alpha Kappa Psi Scholarship

Philip H. Flick Fund in Business Scholarship

Robert A. Morgan Family Scholarship

Robert A. Nelson Family Scholarship

Robert H. Mitchel Centennial Scholarship

Robert O. and  Dolores A. Palmer Scholarship

Robert Mautz Honorary Scholarship

Robert P. Reuss Scholarship

Robert R. and Alyce K. Lauber Scholarship

Rochman Family Scholarship

Rollin P. and Frances E. Blissard Scholarship

Ronald B. and LaVerne Shipka Scholarship

Ronald D. and Myra M. Jeffris Scholarship

Russo Scholarship

Rutvij Desai and Raj Patel Scholarship

Sam and Rose Krivit Memorial Scholarship

Seitzinger Scholarship

Shebik Scholar Fund

Sidney M. Stafford Scholarship

Silvio and Loreta Corsetti Scholarship

Stanley N. Gore Scholarship

State Farm Bank Scholarship

Stein Scholarship for Excellence

Steven E. Workman Scholarship

Steven N. Miller Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Sydney M. Stafford Scholarship

T. Christopher Martin Scholarship

Taking the LEAD Scholarship

The McMillan Family Study Abroad Scholarship

Thomas and Carlene Shade Scholarship

Thomas M. and Julie E. Scott Foundation Scholarship

Thomas R. Green Scholarship

Thomas W. Aplington Memorial Award

Thompson Scholarship

Virginia Moore Scholarship

Vogelsinger Family Scholarship

Warren H. Fuermann Scholarship

Weinstein Student Leadership in Business Award

Willard A. Reed Memorial Scholarship in Accountancy Fund

William C., Helen F., and Robert L. Grant Scholarship

William E. and Margaret M. Westerbeck Endowment Fund

William M. Rubinstein Scholarship

William T. Cameron Banking Scholarship