The Business Honors Program


About the Business Honors Program

The Business Honors Program in the Gies College of Business is designed to develop high-potential students into strong business leaders who not only excel intellectually, but also understand that with success comes responsibility to serve their communities, their Alma mater, and each other.

The Business Honors Program provides significant experiences for the Business Honors Program students and expects the students to make the Gies College of Business a better place by using the skills learned from those experiences to be undergraduate leaders of the college. Advantages of membership in the Business Honors Program include:

  • A 4-year, renewable merit scholarship.
  • An international business cultural immersion trip at the end of freshman year for approximately 10 days.


  • Each class is expected to design and develop multiple service/philanthropic events impacting the Gies College of Business and/or the community.
  • A seminar series, “Conversation with Leaders,” for honors students with national and international business leaders.
  • A seminar series, “Lunch and Learns,” for honors students with esteemed faculty and staff.
  • A mentorship program to teach students to rely on each other for support and council and begin to develop a life-long network of business contacts.
  • Representing the Gies College of Business as a Business Student Ambassador.
  • Social activities for honors students.
  • Multiple events with the Business Honors Alumni Association including mentorship and networking.
  • The Associate Director for Honors serves as an advisor for honors students.

Admissions Process

Candidates are identified for interviews based on their admissions application to the Gies College of Business. If selected, the candidate will take part in an interview with current Business Honors students and alumni. These interviews traditionally take place in late January.

Note: The only entry point to The Business Honors Program is as an incoming freshman.

Contact Us

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