Enrichment Academy

The Enrichment Academy was formed in 2012 to connect incoming and current College of Business students with the wide array of resources and opportunities available through the ILLINOIS College of Business and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Enrichment Academy students participate in the PwC Enrichment Academy Challenge Competition, which gives students the opportunity to hone in on core problem-solving skill sets, presentation skills, and communications skills, and also provides professional exposure with incoming and full-time PwC Staff. Students will conduct an industry analysis, client interviews, current state assessments, and present final recommendations to a panel of PwC partners and directors.

Fall 2016 Program Schedule

Please see below for information on Enrichment academy events. Information on the specific dates, times, and locations as well as program registration will be added as it becomes available.

Date Event  Description
8/24/2016 Enrichment Academy Welcome Meet the student leadership team and professional staff and learn about fall semester programming
9/12/2016 Preparing for the Career Fair Learn best practices in preparing to meet potential employers at the fall Business Career Fair
9/16/2016 Service-Learning Experience Give back to the local community through volunteering with the Enrichment Academy at the Wesley Food pantry located on the Urbana campus!
10/10-14/2016 G.P.A. 911 Meet with an academic advisor to review your progress in your fall semester courses to determine if changes in registration should be made to insure high achievement for fall semester.
10/11/2016 Investment Banking Workshop: Robert Metzger, Director, Illinois Investment Banking Academy Learn about career opportunities in Investment Banking and how to prepare to enter this industry.
10/11/2016 College to Career Workshop: Exam Preparation and Note Taking Develop study skills and academic habits that will support your success as an Illinois Business student.
10/18/2016 Study Skills Workshop The Accounting Advisor team will host a study skills workshop presented by the Paraprofessionals from the Counseling Center.
10/19/2016 College of Business Advising Develop a better understanding of the College of Business curriculum and learn how to plan your course registration plan with support from College of Business professional advising staff.
11/12/2016 Business Diversity Exchange Network with company recruiters and discuss how the many facets of diversity play a role in the workplace and society as a whole.
11/29/2016 College to Career Workshop: Time Management Identify priorities and practice effective time management techniques to achieve your goals
TBA College to Career Workshop: Communication Skills Learn about effective communication skills and strategies that will help you build a professional network to support your success.