Information Systems

Is Information Systems the right fit for me?

Information Systems (IS) professionals are interested in the application of information technology to business activities. They are concerned with the design and implementation of information systems to support the information processing needs of an organization. Are you fascinated by how modern companies manage their data? Are you interested in both technologies and their applications in business? Companies are in dire need of IS majors, who know both IT and business issues.

What courses will I take?

Some of the courses you might take include:

  • IT for Networked Organizations
  • Database Design and Management
  • Information Systems Analysis and Design
  • Management of Data Communications
  • IT Governance

What kind of job will I get when I graduate?

Your unique ability to understand both technical and business concepts will make you an ideal project manager, consultant, or systems analyst.

Who recruits Information Systems majors?

  • Hewitt Associates
  • State Farm
  • KPMG
  • Caterpillar
  • General Electric
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Nike

Required Courses

Hours Course # Course Name
3 BADM 350 Information Technology for Networked Organizations
3 BADM 352 Database Design and Management
3 BADM 353 Information Systems Analysis and Design
(Prerequisite: BADM 352)
Choose two of the following:
3 BADM 331 Making Things
3 BADM 351 E-business Management
(Prerequisite: BADM 350)
3 BADM 357 Digital Making Seminar
3 BADMĀ 356 Data Science & Analytics
3 BADM 453 Decision Support Systems
(Prerequisite: BADM 350)
3 BADM 458 IT Governance
(Prerequisite: BADM 350)
Choose four of the following:
3 BADM 311 Individual Behavior in Organizations
(Prerequisite: BADM 310)
3 BADM 312 Organizational Design and Environment
(Prerequisite: BADM 310)
3 BADM 322 Marketing Research
(Prerequisite: BADM 320 and ECON 202)
3 BADM 324 Purchasing and Supply Management
(Prerequisite: Credit or current enrollment in BADM 320)
3 BADM 374 Management Decision Models
(Prerequisite: ECON 203)
3 BADM 375 Business Process Management
3 BADM 377 Project Management
3 BADM 379 Business Process Improvement
3 BADM 380 International Business
4 BADM 445 Small Business Consulting
4 BADM 446 Entrepreneurship: Small Business Formation

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