Off-Campus Transfers

Are you a leader who’s made a significant contribution to your community—and continues to do so? Do you have a strong academic record, exceptional communication skills, diverse interests and perspectives, and an eagerness to participate?

Good. Because that’s what we look for in our Off-Campus Transfer students. We read every application on a holistic basis. That means no single factor determines your admission factor. Instead, each portion of your application is considered individually and in conjunction with the other portions.

Please use our Transfer Handbook with the required courses for transfer.

You need to have done the following.

  • 30–75 hours of transferable credits completed (or in progress)
  • completed your institution’s equivalent courses for each of these University of Illinois courses (check for equivalencies)
    • RHET 105: Intro to Composition (usually 2 courses at other institutions)
    • ECON 102: Intro to Microeconomics
    • ECON 103: Intro to Macroeconomics
  • completed one of the following equivalent pairs of math courses at your current institution
    • option 1
    • MATH 220 (or 221): Calculus I
    • MATH 231: Calculus II
    • option 2
    • MATH 125: Linear Algebra for Business or MATH 124: Finite Math
    • MATH 220 (or 221): Calculus I
    • option 3
    • MATH 125: Linear Algebra for Business or MATH 124: Finite Math
    • MATH 234: Business Calculus I
  • completed the foreign language transfer requirement (3 years of a single language in high school or 2 semesters at a college or university)
  • completed equivalents of the following courses (ONLY students who’ve completed over 50 credit hours)
    • ACCY 201
    • ACCY 202

If your current institution doesn’t offer one or more of the required courses, attach a letter with your application explaining your situation.

Important dates.

The OCT application is available September 1–March 1 of any given admission year.