Join us at the 2019 Gies Business Experience!


Each year, we host a unique event called the Gies Business Experience solely for freshmen admitted directly to our college. You and your guests will see for yourself that we are Business On Purpose!


2019 Gies Business Experience

March 9 or March 30

Noon – 5 p.m.

at the Business Instructional Facility (BIF) in Champaign

Google maps: 515 East Gregory Drive, Champaign, IL 61820


Registration is now available! Click here to register.




  • Attendance: This event is optional, not mandatory, for admitted students. Due to space limitations, registration is only available to freshmen who have been directly admitted to Gies Business. 

  • Program Content: It is a College-hosted event and, therefore, very different than the programs hosted by University Admissions like the daily Admitted Student program and the large Illini Day admitted student program. See for additional information or to sign up for either of those University Admissions visit programs.

  • Attire: Feel free to wear casual clothes and comfortable shoes; this is a fun event and not a formal one.

  • Refreshments: Complimentary light refreshments will be available from Noon to 12:45 pm and during a break between the info sessions at 2:20 pm. Other items are available for purchase through the Espresso Royale coffee shop or the vending machines in the building.

  • Location: The Business Instructional Facility has three main entrances on the east, north, and west sides of the building, and inside there will be student greeters to help point you toward the registration area.

  • Contact: We will do our best to respond quickly to any questions the day of the Gies Business Experience via phone or email. If you need assistance on the evening before or the morning of the event, click here to contact our Director of Admissions Kelly Janssen and provide detailed information so she can respond as soon as she is able

  • Hotels, parking, and directions

    Hotels: There are a few hotel options here on campus, in addition to many in the Champaign-Urbana area. Links to traditional overnight accommodations can be found here. Note: Book hotel accommodations early, because there are multiple events on campus both weekends

    Parking: You are free to park anywhere near the Business Instructional Facility that is not marked as a 24-hour reserved spot. There is free parking everywhere on the weekends except for those 24-hour reserved spots. Note: Be sure to give yourself ample time to travel to campus and find parking, because there are multiple events on campus both weekends

    Directions: For any GPS, the following address for the Business Instructional Facility will provide accurate directions: 515 E Gregory Drive, Champaign, IL 61820. Links to a printable campus map, parking maps, or other related information can be found here.



There is no cost to attend the Gies Business Experience; however, we do request that parties are limited to 1 admitted student and a maximum of 3 additional guests.




Email us at or call (217) 244-3890.