Freshman Admissions FAQ

How are admission decisions made? Are there certain factors that are more important than others?

The Gies Business admission committee reviews admissions applications on a holistic basis, meaning the committee looks at a number of different factors when you apply. The Gies College of Business admits students who challenge themselves academically, so a strong curriculum based on your skillset is important. The committee considers your grades in those classes, your GPA, and your test scores, along with your engagement and involvement in extracurricular, work, and community activities. There is no minimum test score or GPA when it comes to admission; there are, however, coursework requirements for freshman admission eligibility, as shared by the University Admissions office.



What coursework will I take in the Gies College of Business?

Gies coursework is split into 3 types of required classes: General Education, Business Core, and Major Courses. General Education coursework makes up your basic university courses (biology, physics, literature, history, etc.). Business Core courses are primary business classes that give you a broad understanding of basic business topics (accounting, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, computer science, public speaking, etc.) You can begin taking Major Courses once you’ve chosen a major. These are upper-level courses specific to your major. Because we’re a large university, you can take a variety of courses from different departments.


When do I have to select a major?

When you’re in the Gies College of Business as a freshman, you will have 2 years of exploration before you have to declare a major. While you may declare a major at any time, we encourage you to explore the Business Core courses to ensure you select the major that you will enjoy most.


When will I begin business coursework?

Right away! During your first semester you will enroll in Business 101, a class designed to introduce you to business concepts and professional responsibility. You will start taking the Business Core courses your freshman year, too. You’ll start your Major Courses around sophomore or junior year.


Will professors teach my courses? What about class size?

All Gies  Business courses are taught by Gies professors. For General Education courses and some Business Core courses, you may be in a course taught by another college (e.g., economics taught by Liberal Arts and Sciences), but almost all of them will be taught by a professor. Most large lecture courses, like Micro- and Macroeconomics, will have smaller discussion sections of 30–40 students to make sure you’re grasping the concepts. Generally, all upper-level Gies courses are less than 40 students. Visit the college’s classrooms sometime; you’ll see that they’re built for small classes taught by a professor.


I’m not sure I’ll be admitted. If I’m not admitted, what happens?

If you are not admitted directly to Gies Business as a freshman, you will be considered for your second choice major if you listed one on your application. If you are admitted to your second choice major, you can reapply to Gies during the spring semester your freshman year. It’s important to note, however, that the Intercollegiate Transfer (ICT) process is competitive, so you should work with your academic advisor from the beginning to sign up for the classes you need to meet eligibility requirements.