It’s the logical choice.

You want your college degree to work for you. At ILLINOIS, it does—from the day you enroll, through graduation and into your career. You’re a natural-born leader. We’re committed to developing the most dynamic leaders in the world. You’re ready to make your mark on society. We’ll give you the opportunities to mix your passion with a high-caliber education.

A business major at the ILLINOIS College of Business isn’t easy. But if you’re serious about succeeding in the real world, ILLINOIS prepares you for it.
That’s why.


Make a living, making a life.

At the College of Business, our small team approach to learning lets you truly explore what you love, then apply successful business strategies to strengthen your passions.

Along with discovering where your passions lie, you’ll acquire a rock-solid business foundation, where you’ll learn how to keep up with the professional world, how stay on top of global trends, and what it takes to sharpen that super-competitive edge employers are always talking about. So when you’re ready to apply for jobs, you know you’re at an automatic advantage with an ILLINOIS education.

Small teams, generating big business leaders. That’s what it means to be in Business.


Here’s what College of Business students say about the ILLINOIS experience.


“You’re in an awesome learning environment.”

With just 3,000 students, the College of Business makes up about 9% of the total campus population. That’s it. So you get the best of both worlds: a small, private environment for classes and advising combined with a large, top-tier university known for job placement and alumni connections. (Check this out: the University of Illinois’ alumni database is the single largest in the world.)

“You hit the ground running.”

When you get your first job out of college, you’ll be held to high expectations from Day 1. Same here. You’ll immediately start learning the hows and whys of business, like leadership, networking, and planning for your future. And as a freshman, you’re required to take Business 101: An Introduction to Professional Responsibility, which teaches you to handle business the right way, not the easy way.

“You finish in 4 years.”

No five-year bachelor’s degree here. Being a business professional means keeping up with trends, adapting to change, and constantly moving ahead. So you graduate in just 9 semesters or less. On time and on schedule.

“You see the world.”

Business is global. If you want to compete, you have to immerse yourself in different cultures. If it sounds impossible to pull off, but don’t worry—it’s not. Just go to our study abroad office. They have programs in a huge variety of locations and studies. And they’re here to make world travel opportunities accessible for you—at any time in your college career. In fact, 58% of our current students have had study abroad experiences through the university.

“You’re among the best.”

ILLINOIS College of Business has the highest retention rates and graduation rates on campus, and we’re pretty proud of that. For the 2010–11 academic year, we boasted an astonishing 94% of students returning to the College of Business for their sophomore year, and 97% returning to campus for their sophomore year. Beyond their first year, 83% of undergraduate students who started in business graduated from the College of Business, while 90% graduated from the university overall.

“You get results from your degree.”

Business is a professional major. And we’re here to make sure you have access to all possible resources for the professional world. Over 73% of College of Business students are employed or in higher education within 3 months of graduation, making on average $53,000 starting salary plus a signing bonus, health insurance, and other benefits.