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Wooje Cho

PhD Candidate in Business Administration

Educational Background

M.S., Electronic Commerce, Carnegie Mellon University, 2004
B.S., Engineering, Seoul National University, 2000

Positions Held

Software Engineer, SAMSUNG SDS, 2000-2003

Recent Publications

Chun, S., Cho, W., Subramanyam, R. 2016. Transaction Security Investments in Online Marketplaces: An Analytical Examination of Financial Liabilities. Decision Support Systems, 92: 91-102

Cho, W., Shaw, M. 2013. Portfolio Selection Model for Enhancing Information Technology Synergy. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management

Cho, W., Shaw, M. , Kwon, H. 2013. The effect of synergy enhancement on information technology portfolio selection. Information Technology and Management, 14: 125-142

Teaching and Research Interests

Enterprise systems, particularly design issues of enterprise software, pricing of enterprise systems, and strategic adoption of breakthrough IT for organizations