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Vishal Sachdev

Lecturer of Business Administraiton

Educational Background

Ph.D., Information Systems (Operations Management), University of Texas at Arlington, 2007
Masters, International Business, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade at New Delhi, 1996
Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics, St. Stephens College at New Delhi, 1993

Positions Held

Director, Illinois MakerLab ,, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2013 to present
Assistant Professor, Middle Tennessee State University, 2007-2008

Recent Publications

Sachdev, V. 2011. Motivations for Social Computing. IT Professional, 13: 18-23

Sachdev, V. 2009. Interactivity redefined for the Social Web. In Stylianos Hatzipanagos, Steven Warburton (Ed.), Handbook of Research on Social Software and Developing Community Ontologies. Hershey, PA: Idea Group Publishing.

Sikora, R., Sachdev, V. 2008. Learning bidding strategies with autonomous agents in environments with unstable equilibrium. Decision Support Systems, 101-114

Service Activities

Presenter, Online Learning, College of Education, 2014
Present on 3D printing to students in "Sustainable product development for subsistence marketplaces", 3D Printing, Subsistence Marketplace Initiative, Dr. Madhu Vishwanathan, College of Business, 2013-2014
Ad Hoc Reviewer, Information Systems and E-Business Journal, 2013
Present to MSTM students "Additive Manufacturing", MSTM, College of Business, 2013
Presenter, Networked Learning, e-Learning, College of Business, 2013
Panelist on "Gamification and the Undergrad Experience" with Dr.Liz Lawley, RIT,, 2013
Presenter, Graduate Academy for College teaching 2013, UIUC, 2013
Workshop and Competition on Online Marketing, Organized workshop for fifteen teams(80 students) participating in Google Online Marketing Challenge. Competition organized on April 26., College of Business, 2013
Present to Faculty on "Peer Learning in Online Courses", e-Learning, College of Business, 2012
Co-organizer, Illinois Conference on Business Analytics, College of Business, 2012
Chaired panel during Illinois Conference on Business Analytics, College of Business, 2012
Presentation on "Peer Learning in Online Environments", Graduate Academy for College Teaching, 2012
Session Chair, Workshop in E-business, 2012

Teaching and Research Interests

I currently teach or have taught Database Design, Analytics, Programming, System analysis and Design and Principles of Information systems.

I'm Researching the role of technology in enabling collective action, co-operative production, information sharing , sense making and collaborative work. Currently I am applying learning from this to structuring environments that enable students to learn in online /blended environments, with a focus on peer-learning, that can scale. I am also exploring the "gamification" of education to create more engaging environments. I am interested in social networks and how the network paradigm can provide a new theoretical lens. As a related topic, I am also interested in the Web 2.0 phenomenon and the new business models that are developing based on collaborative content creation and consumption.