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Udatta Palekar

Associate Professor of Business Administration

All Publications

Articles in Journals

Lee, J., Palekar, U., Qualls, W. 2011. Supply Chain Efficiency and Security: Coordination for Collaborative Investment in Technology. European Journal of Operational Research, 210: 568-578

Tang, D., Palekar, U. 2011. Scheduling large-scale micro/nano biochemical testing: Exact and heuristic algorithms. Computers & Operations Research, 38: 942-943

Xiao, Y., Palekar, U., Liu, Y. 2011. Shades of Gray: The Impact of Gray Markets on Authorized Distribution Channels. Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 9: 155-178

Tang, D., Palekar, U. 2010. An integrated planning approach for a nanodeposition manufacturing process. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 51: 561-573

Palekar, U. 2008. On Estimating the Distribution of Optimal Traveling Salesman Tour Lengths using Heuristics. European Journal of Operational Research, 186: 111-119

Palekar, U. 2008. Retail replenishment models with display-space elastic demand. European Journal of Operational Research, 186: 586-607

Palekar, U. 2005. Aggregate production planning for continuous reconfigurable manufacturing process. Computers & Operations Research, 32: 1213-1236

Chapters in Books

Palekar, U. Forthcoming. Application of column generation techniques to retail assortment planning. In J. Karlof (Ed.), Interger Programming: Theory and Practice. CRC Operations Research Series.

Palekar, U. 2004. Joint load building and vehicle routing problem. In R. Meller et al. (Ed.), Progress in Material Handling Research:2004. Charlotte, NC: The Material Handling Institute.

Working Papers

Bushey, E., Palekar, U., Yuan, H. 2012. The Effects of Information Diffusion on Dynamic Pricing Decisions


Palekar, U. 2010. Large Scale Supply Chain Optimization Modeling, Xerox Knowledge Forum, Rochester.

Xiao, Y., Palekar, U., Liu, Y. 2008. Beneficial and Detrimental Effects of Parallel Importation in Distribution Channel, Marketing Science Conference, Vancouver.

Lee, J., Palekar, U., Qualls, W. 2007. Supply Chain Coordination for Collaborative Technology Adoption, Marketing Science Conference, Singapore.

Shi, H., Liu, Y. , Palekar, U. 2007. Strategic Secondary Market Creation and Reactionary New Product Introduction for Durable Goods, Marketing Science Conference, Singapore.