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Thomas Sternburg

Clinical Assistant Professor of Accountancy

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Articles in Journals

Drnevich, D., Sternburg, T. Forthcoming. Taxes and Organizational Form: An Activity in Partnership and Corporate Entities. Issues in Accounting Education

Finnegan, T. , Molloy, K., Sternburg, T. 2012. A Comprehensive Analysis of Cases Litigated in the Small Case Division of the U.S. Tax Court. American Taxation Association Journal of Legal Tax Research

Finnegan, T. , Molloy, K., Sternburg, T. 2011. Information That All Taxpayers and Tax Professionals Should Know About the U.S. Tax Court: Is There a Need for CPA Representation in the Tax Court? Practice Advantage -- Illinois CPA Society

Sternburg, T., Christian, C., Sawyers, R. 1990. The Market for Tax Shelters: An Empirical Assessment of Implicit Taxes on Oil And Gas Limited Partnerships. Oil and Tax Quarterly, 88-99


Sternburg, T. 1992. Solutions for Textbooks. West Publishing Company.

Chapters in Books

Sternburg, T. 2005. 2005 Edition. In South-Western Publishing (Ed.), Advanced Business Entities

Sternburg, T. 2004. 2004 Edition. In South-Western Publishing (Ed.), Advanced Business Entities

Working Papers

Sternburg, T. 2016. Taxable Partnership Distributions: Traps for the Unaware

Sternburg, T., Drnevich, D. 2016. Publicly Traded Partnership Investor Be Aware

Case Studies

Sternburg, T. 2010. Corporate Formation with Contingent Liability and Built-in Loss Property. Corporate Formation with Built-in Loss Property. Corporate Reorganization. S-Corporation Election and Built-in Gain Tax.. In Graduate Tax Cases. McGraw-Hill, Inc..