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Sonali K. Shah

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

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Articles in Journals

Agarwal-Tronetti, R., Shah, S. 2014. Knowledge Sources of Entrepreneurship: Firm Formation by Academics, Users & Employees. Research Policy, 43: 1109-1133

Shah, S., Cox, E. 2014. Parting the Ivory Curtain: Understanding How Universities Support a Diverse Set of Startups. Journal of Technology Transfer

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Shah, S., Smith, S. 2013. Do Innovative Users Generate More Useful Insights? An Analysis of CVC Investment in the Medical Device Industry. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

Reedy, E., Shah, S., Smith, S. 2012. Who Are User Entrepreneurs? Findings on Innovation, Founder Characteristics & Firm Characteristics. Kauffman Foundation Report

Shah, S. 2012. User & Community-Based Innovation: Findings & New Research Directions. White Paper for the New America Foundation

Shah, S. 2012. Can't Find a Product or Service? Start a Company. Huffington Post

Dencker, J., Gruber, M., Shah, S. 2009. Individual & Opportunity Factors Influencing Job Creation in New Firms. Academy of Management Journal, 52: 1125-1147

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Shah, S. 2002. Article Summary: Open Source Software as Lead User's Make or Buy Decision: A Study of Open and Closed Source Quality. Technology Innovation & Intellectual Property Newsletter

Shah, S., Sommers, F. 2002. Effort on the Edge, Part 1: Does the JCP Adequately Balance Innovation with Maintenance of Java's Standards? JavaWorld

Chapters in Books

Shah, S., Gorbatai, A. Forthcoming. Structural Sampling: A Technique for Illuminating Social Systems. In Kimberly D. Elsbach and Roderick M. Kramer (Ed.), Handbook of Innovative Qualitative Research Methods: Pathways to Cool Ideas and Interesting Papers. New York: Taylor and Francis.

Shah, S., Tripsas, M. Forthcoming. When Do User Innovators Start Firms? A Theory of User Entrepreneurship. In Revolutionizing Innovation: Users, Communities and Open Innovation. MIT Press.

Mody, C., Shah, S. 2014. Creating a Context for Entrepreneurship: Examining How Users Technological & Organizational Innovations Set the Stage for Entrepreneurial Activity. In Brett Frischmann, Michael Madison and Katherine Strandburg (Ed.), Cultural Commons, 313-340. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Shah, S. 2005. Open Beyond Software. In C. Dibona, D. Cooper & M. Stone (Ed.), Open Sources 2, 339-360. Sebastopol, CA: O’Reilly Media.


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Shah, S. 2004. Understanding the Nature of Participation and Coordination in Open and Gated Source Software Development Communities, Academy of Management Proceedings, B1-6. Pace University - New York: Academy of Management.

Other Publications

Shah, S. 2003. Innovation & Product Development within User Communities: Findings from Open Source Software And Consumer Sporting Goods