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Raj Echambadi

Sr Assoc Dean MBA Prgms & Strategic Innovation and Professor of Business Administration and Baltz Professorship

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Articles in Journals

Bindroo, V., He, X., Echambadi, R. Forthcoming. Satisfaction - Repurchase Intentions Relationship: Exploring the Contingent Roles of Consideration Set Size and Price Consciousness. Customer Needs and Solutions

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Working Papers

Shah, S. , Agarwal-Tronetti, R., Echambadi, R. 2016. Jewels in the Crown: Exploring Motivations and Team Building Processes of Employee Entrepreneurs


Bindroo, V., He, X., Echambadi, R. 2009. The Role of Price Consciousness in Reshaping Competition in Context of Brand Loyalty, Annual Behavioral Pricing Conference, Orlando.