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Petro Lisowsky

Assistant Professor of Accountancy and PwC Faculty Fellow

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Prof. Lisowsky grew up in Michigan and earned his BBA and Master of Accounting degrees from the University of Michigan. He worked at the U.S. Department of Defense in Arlington, VA, analyzing and auditing the Department of the Army accounts during Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2003, he was awarded the Special Act Award by the Under-Secretary of Defense (Comptroller). In 2004, he worked at the U.S. Treasury Department"s Office of Tax Analysis, examining the links between tax and financial information. He has also done some limited work for Deloitte Tax LLP. Prof. Lisowsky earned his Doctorate in Business Administration from Boston University in 2008. Besides his position as an Assistant Professor of Accountancy at the University of Illinois, Prof. Lisowsky is a tax policy advisor to the Internal Revenue Service"s Large Business & International Division, where he analyzes and develops risk assessment models using tax return data from the Schedule M-3 (reconciliation of book-tax differences) and Form 8886 (reportable transaction disclosure statement). He holds a CPA license from the Commonwealth of Virginia. He is married and has two daughters.