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Oktay Urcan

Associate Professor of Accountancy and Fred & Virginia Roedgers Faculty Fellow in Accountancy

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Franco, F., Ittner, C., Urcan, O. Forthcoming. Determinants and trading performance of equity deferrals by corporate outside directors. Management Science

Franco, F., Urcan, O., Vasvari, F. 2016. Corporate diversification and the cost of debt: The role of segment disclosures. The Accounting Review, 91: 1139-1165

Louis, H., Urcan, O. 2015. Agency conflicts, corporate payout policies, and direct benefits of conservative financial reporting to equity-holders. Contemporary Accounting Research, 32: 455-484

Franzen, L., Li, X., Urcan, O., Vargus, M. 2014. The market response to insider sales of restricted stock versus unrestricted stock. Journal of Financial Research, 37: 99-118

Louis, H., Sun, A., Urcan, O. 2013. Do analysts sacrifice forecast accuracy for informativeness? Management Science, 59: 1688–1708

Ali, A., Urcan, O. 2012. Dividend increases and future earnings. Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics, 19: 12-25

Demirkan, S., Radhakrishnan, S., Urcan, O. 2012. Discretionary accruals quality, cost of capital, and diversification. Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, 27: 496–526

Louis, H., Sun, A., Urcan, O. 2012. Value of cash holdings and accounting conservatism. Contemporary Accounting Research, 29: 1249–1271

Shivakumar, L., Urcan, O., Vasvari, F., Zhang, L. 2011. The debt market relevance of management earnings forecasts: Evidence from before and during the credit crisis. Review of Accounting Studies, 16: 464-486