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Nolan Miller

Professor of Finance and Julian Simon Faculty Fellow

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Articles in Journals

Miller, N., Al-Ississ, M. 2013. What Does Health Reform Mean for the Healthcare Industry? Evidence form the Massachusetts Special Senate Election. The American Economic Journal: Economic Policy

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Working Papers

Deryugina, T. , Heutel, G., Miller, N., Molitor, D. , Reif, J. 2015. The Effect of Pollution on Health and Health Care Utilization: Evidence from Changes in Wind Direction

Miller, N., Heutel, G. 2015. The Impact of Air Temperature on Morbidity, Mortality and Healthcare Cost in the Medicare Population

Miller, N., Heutel, G., Molitor, D. 2015. Adaptation and the Mortality Effects of Temperature across US Climate Regions

Miller, N., Jensen, R. 2015. Keepin' 'em Down on the Farm: Strategic Underinvestment in Education

Miller, N., Jensen, R. 2014. A Revealed Preference Approach to Measuring Hunger and Undernutrition.

Miller, N. 2008. Outcome Commitments in Third-Party Committment: Theory and Application to U.S. Policy in Iraq

Miller, N. 2007. Giffen Behavior in China: Evidence from the China Health and Nutrition Survey

Miller, N. 2006. Report Cards, Incentives, and Quality Competition in Health Care

Miller, N. 2004. Health Benefits and Wages: Minimizing Total Compensation Cost

Miller, N. 1999. Moral Hazard with Persistent Actions and Learning