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Nicholas Prince

PhD Student in Business Administration

Educational Background

MBA, Organizational Behavior Human Resources, Brigham Young University, 2009
BS, Business Administration - Marketing, Kansas State University, 2004

Positions Held

Instructor BADM 310A Online, University of Illinois, 2009-2012
Instructor BADM 449, University of Illinois, 2010
Research & Teaching Assistant, Brigham Young University, 2007-2009
Stock Trading Representative, Wells Fargo Investments, 2004-2007
Recreation Coordinator, City of Manhattan, 2002

Recent Publications

Bednar, M. , Boivie, S., Prince, N. 2013. Burr under the saddle: How media coverage influences strategic change. Organization Science, 24: 910-925

Teaching and Research Interests

I love teaching and have had the opportunity to teach the introduction to organizations and management (BADM 310) and business, policy, and strategy (BADM 449) at the University of Illinois. I am also interested in teaching SHRM, but have yet to have the opportunity to do so.

The underlying theme in my research to date has been on how the external environment influences organizational action. I have studied this in the context of the media"s influence on strategic change as well as on the effect of national culture on firms" use of HR practices. My dissertation looks at how perceived competition and business strategy influence the use of HPWSs in firms. Long-term, I plan on continuing my research on strategic human resource mangement (SHRM) and international human resource management (IHRM). When possible I will study the overlap of these two streams. I am especially interested in studying SHRM in small entrepreneurial firms.