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Minkyung Koo

Assistant Professor of Marketing

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Articles in Journals

Riemer, H., Shavitt, S. , Koo, M., Markus, H. 2014. Preferences Don’t Have to Be Personal: Expanding Attitude Theorizing with a Cross-Cultural Perspective . Psychological Review, 121: 619-648

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Chapters in Books

Koo, M., Choi, I., Choi, J. Forthcoming. Analytic vs. Holistic Cognition: Construct and Measurement. In J. Spencer-Rogers & K. Peng (Ed.), The Psychological and Cultural Foundations of Dialectical Thinking . Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Koo, M., Wong, J., Shavitt, S. 2014. Climbing the Ladder: Effects of Embodied Power Goals Can Be Culturally Specific, Advances in Consumer Psychology. Washington, DC: society for consumer psychology.

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