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Michael K. Lim

Associate Professor of Business Administration

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Articles in Journals

Lim, M., Mak, H., Shen, Z. Forthcoming. Proximity and Agility Considerations in Supply Chain. Management Science

Wang, X., Lim, M., Ouyang, Y. Forthcoming. A Continuum Approximation Approach to the Dynamic Facility Location Problem in a Growing Market. Transportation Science

Bhatti, S., Lim, M., Mak, H. 2015. Alternative Fuel Station Location Model with Demand Learning. Annals of Operations Research, 230: 105-127

Karthik Murali, -., Lim, M., Petruzzi, N. 2015. Municipal Groundwater Management: Optimal Allocation and Control of a Renewable Natural Resource. Production and Operations Management, 24: 1453–1472

Kim, K., Lim, M. 2015. R&D Outsourcing in an Innovation-driven Supply Chain. Operations Research Letters, 43: 20-25

Lim, M., Mak, H., Rong, Y. 2015. Toward Mass Adoption of Electric Vehicles: Impacts of the Range and Resale Anxieties. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 17: 101-119

Wang, X., Lim, M., Ouyang, Y. 2015. Infrastructure Deployment under Uncertainties and Competition: The Biofuel Industry Case. Transportation Research Part B, 78: 1-15

Lim, M., Bassamboo, A., Chopra, S., Daskin, M. 2013. Facility Location Decisions with Random Disruption and Imperfect Estimation. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 15: 239-249

Lim, M., Daskin, M., Bassamboo, A., Chopra, S. 2010. A Facility Reliability Problem: Formulation, Properties and Algorithm. Naval Research Logistics, 57: 58-70

Sohn, S., Lim, M. 2008. The Effect of Forecasting and Information Sharing in SCM for Multi-generation Products. European Journal of Operational Research, 186: 276-287

Sohn, S., Lim, M. 2007. Hierarchical Forecasting based on AR-GARCH Model in a Coherent Structure. European Journal of Operational Research, 176: 1033-1040

Working Papers

Ma, G., Lim, M., Mak, H., Wan, Z. 2016. Promoting Clean Technology Products: To Subsidize Consumers or Manufacturer?

Wang, X., Lim, M., Ouyang, Y. 2016. Food, Energy and Environment Trilemma: Policy Impacts on Farmland Use and Biofuel Industry Development

Lim, M., Bassamboo, A., Chopra, S., Daskin, M. 2011. Flexibility and Fragility: Supply Chain Network Design with Disruption Risks