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Matthew S. Kraatz

Professor of Business Administration

Educational Background

Ph.D., Organization Behavior, Northwestern University, 1994
M.S., Organization Behavior, Northwestern University, 1991
B.S., Psychology, Illinois College, 1989

Positions Held

Associate Professor of Business Administration, University of Illinois, 2000-2013
Assistant Professor of Business Administration, University of Illinois, 1994-2000
Division Chair, Organization and Management Theory Division of the Academy of Management, 2011-2012

Recent Publications

Love, E. , Kraatz, M. Forthcoming. Failed Stakeholder Exchanges and Corporate Reputation: The Case of Earnings Misses. Academy of Management Journal

Kraatz, M. Forthcoming. Leadership as Institutional Work: A Bridge to the Other Side. In Tom Lawrence, Roy Suddaby, Bernard Leca (Ed.), Institutional Work: Actors and Agency in Institutional Studies of Organization. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press.

Bednar, M. , Love, E. , Kraatz, M. 2015. Paying the price? The impact of controversial governance practices on managerial reputation. Academy of Management Journal, 58: 1740-1760

Service Activities

Board Member, International Public Management Journal, 2004-2013
Board Member, Organization Science, 2002-2003, 2008-2013
Board Member, Strategic Management Journal, 2000-2013

Teaching and Research Interests

Teaches classes on organizational theory and organizational change at MBA, Ph.D. and undergraduate levels.

Research examines organizational adaptation and learning, especially in institutionalized contexts.