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Louis K.C. Chan

Professor of Finance and Department Chair and Hoeft Professor of Business

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Louis K. C. Chan, Hoeft Professor of Business Hoeft Professor of Business at theĀ University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has conducted extensive research on the behavior of prices in stock markets. His area of expertise is the application of statistical methods to the study of financial markets. He received his doctorate in finance and applied economics from the University of Rochester and was on the faculty of Cornell University before joining the University of Illinois faculty in 1988. His articles in the leading finance journals have attracted widespread attention in the investment management industry and received numerous awards, including the American Association of Individual Investors Award and the Dodd-Graham Scroll of Excellence. In addition, he has participated actively in applying investment research through executive education and consultation with leading investment managers in Europe and the U.S. Recent published work has dealt with the performance of investment strategies (momentum, value/growth), execution quality and trading costs, portfolio optimization, institutional investor behavior, and the performance of security analyst forecasts.