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Joseph A Clougherty

Associate Professor of Business Administration

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Articles in Journals

Clougherty, J., Grajek, M. 2014. International Standards and International Trade: Empirical Evidence from ISO 9000 Diffusion. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 36: 70-82

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Chapters in Books

Guo, W., Clougherty, J. Forthcoming. The Effectiveness of the State in Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investment: The ‘Go Global’ Policy and State-Owned Enterprises. In E. Banalieva, T. Devinney, T. Pedersen, & L. Tihanyi (Ed.), Advances in International Management. Emerald Group Publishing, Ltd..

Zhang, A., Zhang, Y., Clougherty, J. 2011. Competition and Regulation in Air Transport. In R. Lindsey, A. de Palma, E. Quinet & R. Vickerman (Ed.), Handbook of Transport Economics, 797-821. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.

Working Papers

Clougherty, J., Duso, T., Lee, M., Seldeslachts, J. 2015. Deterrence in EU Merger Policy. Economic Inquiry


Ciari, L., Clougherty, J., Duso, T., Seldeslachts, J. 2014. Capability Threats and the 6Rs of Transformation: Strategic Responses to a Sustained Lack of Productivity Growth, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University, West Lafayette.

Clougherty, J., Gugler, K., Sørgard, L. 2014. Cross-border Mergers and Domestic-firm Wages: Integrating Spillover Effects and Bargaining Effects, Academy of International Business 2004 Annual Meeting, Vancouver.