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Joseph A Clougherty

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Educational Background

Ph.D., Political Economy & Public Policy, University of Southern California, 1998
M.A., International Relations, University of Southern California, 1994
B.A., Cum Laude, International Studies & Economics, The American University, 1989

Positions Held

Associate Professor of Business Administration, University of Illinois, 2010 to present
Senior Research Fellow, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (WZB), 2004-2009
Associate Professor of Organization & Strategy, Tilburg University, 2001-2004
Assistant Professor of Organization & Strategy, Tilburg University, 1998-2001
Lecturer, Marshall School of Business-University of Southern California, 1997-1998
Instructor, Economics DepartmentUniversity of Southern California, 1995
Teaching Assistant, Economics DepartmentUniversity of Southern California, 1992-1995

Recent Publications

Clougherty, J., Kim, J., Skousen, B., Szcs, F. Forthcoming. The Foundations of International Business: Cross-Border Investment Activity and the Balance between Market-Power and Efficiency Effects. Journal of Management Studies

Clougherty, J., Duso, T., Lee, M., Seldeslachts, J. 2016. Effective European Antitrust: Does EC Merger Policy Generate Deterrence. Economic Inquiry, 54: 1884-1903

Clougherty, J., Duso, T., Muck, J. 2016. Correcting for Self-Selection Based Endogeneity in Management Research: Review, Recommendations and Simulations. Organizational Research Methods, 19: 286-347

Guo, W., Clougherty, J., Duso, T. 2016. Why are Chinese MNEs not financially competitive in cross-border acquisitions? The role of state-ownership. Long Range Planning, 49: 614-631

Guo, W., Clougherty, J. 2015. The Effectiveness of the State in Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investment: The Go Global Policy and State-Owned Enterprises. In E. Banalieva, T. Devinney, T. Pedersen, & L. Tihanyi (Ed.), Advances in International Management: Emerging Economies and Multinational Enterprises, 141-160. Emerald Group Publishing, Ltd..

Clougherty, J., Grajek, M. 2014. International Standards and International Trade: Empirical Evidence from ISO 9000 Diffusion. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 36: 70-82

Clougherty, J., Gugler, K., Srgard, L., Szcs, F. 2014. Cross-Border Mergers and Domestic-Firm Wages: Integrating Spillover Effects and Bargaining Effects. Journal of International Business Studies, 45: 450-470

Teaching and Research Interests

Joe has taught courses in 'Global Strategy', 'International Business', 'Strategic Management', 'Organizational Theory', 'Economics of International Business', 'International M&As', 'Industrial Organization', 'Microeconomics', 'Macroeconomics', 'Money & Banking', and 'Economic Theories, Ideologies & Policies'.

Joes research interests are interdisciplinary (combining management, industrial organization, and political economy) and international in both scope and nature. He employs an applied economics approach to research questions in both business and economics, and much of his research attempts to understand the antecedents and consequences of M&A activity. His current research efforts include the following: the impact of merger events on rival firms; the role of the legal environment for antitrust policy in affecting business decisions concerning M&As; the influence of cross-border merger activity on domestic wages; and the means via which acquisitions increase productivity. Beyond these M&A topics, he is also doing research on the impact of ISO 9000 on cross-border economic activity, and the impact of deregulation and privatization on the pricing strategies of European airports.