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John Warren Kindt

Professor Emeritus of Business Administration

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John W. Kindt is a Professor of Business and Legal Policy in the Department of Business Administration. After receiving a B.A. in business from the College of William and Mary in 1972, Professor Kindt earned several graduate degrees in law and business, specifically, J.D., 1976, and MBA, 1977, from the University of Georgia; LL.M., 1978, and SJD, 1981, from the University of Virginia. During the 1970s, Professor Kindt was employed in several state and federal government positions. He also served as a senior fellow at the London School of Economics.

Professor Kindt’s research has resulted in over 70 academic articles and studies in the areas of the economic impacts of decriminalized gambling, antitrust law, tax law, commercial law, environmental law, and public and private international law. For 20 years his specialty research has been focused on the societal, business, and economic impacts of decriminalizing gambling activities--particularly gambling's destabilization of international financial institutions and criminal justice systems, resulting in increased addicted gamblers, bankruptcies, and crime.  Another specialty area in international law involves the corporate development of ocean resources. Professor Kindt’s teaching has been cited several times as outstanding.