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Jim Gentry

Professor Emeritus of Finance

Educational Background

M.B.A., Finance, Indiana University, 1966
D.B.A., Finance, Indiana University, 1958

Positions Held

University of Illinois, 1966-2009
Associate dean for academic affairs, CBA, 1975-1979

Recent Publications

Gentry, J., Wright, D., Reilly, F. 2009. Historic Changes in the High Yield Bond Market. Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, 21: 65-79

Finnerty, J. , Gentry, J., Gottheil, F., Kindt, J. 2003. U.S.V. National Council on Problem Gambling, Inc., Civil Action No 1: 03CV 01278; Public Comments. Federal Register, 68: 55655-55656

Whitford, D. , Gentry, J., Shaw, M. , Tessmer, A. 2002. Using Inductive Learning to Predict Bankruptcy. Journal of Organizational Computing, 12: 39-57

Teaching and Research Interests

Teaches case courses in corporate finance, executive development programs in general management, credit analysis, and bond analysis.

Research focuses on analyzing net cash flow performance and growth in value of. American and Japanese companies, and learning from master teachers. Has consulted for Ralston Purina Corporation, National Council of Teachers of English, Midcon Corporation, Barclay's Global Investors, Saudi Aramco, and AIMR.