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Janet Bercovitz

Associate Professor of Business Administration

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Articles in Journals

Bercovitz, J., Tyler, B. 2014. Who I Am and How I Contract: The Effect of Contractors' Roles on the Evolution of Contract Structure in University-Industry Research Agreements.. Organization Science, 25: 1840-1859

Agarwal-Tronetti, R., Anand, J., Bercovitz, J., Croson, R. 2012. Spillovers Across Organizational Architectures: The Role of Prior Resource Allocation and Communication in Post-Acquisition Coordination Outcomes. Strategic Management Journal, 33: 710-733

Colyvas, J., Snellman, K., Bercovitz, J., Feldman, M. 2012. Disentangling Effort and Performance: A Renewed Look at Gender Differences in Commercializing Medical School Research. Journal of Technology Transfer, 37: 478-489

Bercovitz, J., Feldman, M. 2011. The Mechanisms of Collaboration in Inventive Teams: Composition, Social Networks, and Geography. Research Policy, 40: 81-93

Rindfleisch, A. , Anita, K., Bercovitz, J., Brown, J., Cannon, J., Carson, S., Ghosh, M., Helper, S., Robertson, D., Wathne, K. 2010. Transaction Costs, Opportunism, and Governance: Contextual Considerations. Marketing Letters, 21: 211-222

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Bercovitz, J., Feldman, M. 2007. Fishing upstreat: Firm innovation strategy and university research alliances. Research Policy, 36: 930-948

Bercovitz, J., Mitchell, W. 2007. When is more better? The impact of business scale and scope on long-term business survival, while controlling for profitability. Strategic Management Journal, 28: 61-79

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Bercovitz, J., Feldman, M., Feller, I., Burton, R. 2001. Organizational Structure as a Determminant of Academic Patent and Licensing Behavior: An Exploratory Study of Duke, Johns Hopkins and Pennsylvania State Universities. Journal of Technology Transfer, 26: 21-35

Rosen, C., Bercovitz, J., Beckman, S. 2001. Environmental Supply Chain Manaement in the Computer Industry: Part I: A transaction Cost Economics Perspective. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 4: 83-104

Chapters in Books

Feldman, M., Feller, I., Bercovitz, J., Burton, R. Forthcoming. University Technology Transfer and the System of Innovation. In M. Feldman & N. Massard (Ed.), Institutions and Systems in the Geography of Innovation. Norwell, Massachusetts: Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Working Papers

Chattopadhyay, S. , Bercovitz, J. 2015. Embracing Plan B: Strategic repositioning in response to an innovation regime change


Chattopadhyay, S. , Bercovitz, J. Forthcoming. Embracing Plan B: Strategic repositioning in response to an innovation regime change, Industry Studies Association, Kansas City.

Chattopadhyay, S. , Bercovitz, J. 2014. Embracing Plan B: Strategic repositioning in response to an innovation regime change, Strategic Maqnagement Society Conference, Madrid.

Bercovitz, J., Feldman, M. 2011. Partnering for Innovation: How Motivations and Connections Drive Project Results, APPAM, Washington, DC.