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Hayden Noel

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

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Articles in Journals

Noel, H., Sawyer, A., Janiszewski, C. 2009. The Spacing Effects of Multiple Exposures on Memory: Implications for Advertising Scheduling. Journal of Advertising Research, 49: 193-198

Noel, H., Vallen, B. 2009. The Spacing Effect in Marketing: A review of extant findings and directions for future research. Psychology & Marketing, 26: 951-969

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Noel, H. 2009. Marketing Basics - Consumer Behavior, 179. West Sussex, UK: AVA Publishing.

Working Papers

Noel, H., Chinchanachokchai, B., Duff, B. 2013. The Devil is in the Details: How thinking style impacts consumers" evaluation. Journal of Consumer Psychology

Noel, H., Riemer, H. 2013. The Impact of Ad-Arousal on immediate and Delayed Memory: relevance Matters. Journal of Consumer Psychology

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Noel, H., Sawyer, A., Janiszewski, C. 2008. The Spacing Effects of Multiple Exposures on Memory and its impact on Advertising Practice, Wharton Conference on Empirical Generalizations in Advertising, Philadelphia.

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