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Eric (Er) Fang

Professor of Business Administration and James F. Towey Faculty Fellow

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Articles in Journals

Kozlenkova, I., Palmatier, R., Fang, E., Huang, M. 2016. Online Relationship Formation (forthcoming). Journal of Marketing

Wang, Y., Lee, J., Fang, E. 2016. Customization and Dilemma Between Supplier Cost and Revenue. Journal of Marketing

Fang, E., Lee, J. 2015. The Timing of Codevelopment Alliances in New Product Development Processes: Returns for Upstream and Downstream Partners. Journal of Marketing

Fang, E., Lee, J., Palmatier, R. 2015. If It Takes a Village to Foster Innovation, Success Depends on the Neighbors: The Effects of Global and Ego Networks on New Product Launches. Journal of Marketing Research

Fang, E., Lee, J., Palmatier, R. 2015. The Effects of Plural Structure Alliance on Firm Performance (forthcoming). Journal of Marketing Research

Fang, E., Lin, X., Huang, M. 2015. Direct and Indirect Effects of Buyers and Sellers on Search Advertising Revenues in Business-to-Business Electronic Platforms. Journal of Marketing Research

Wang, F., Liu, X., Fang, E. 2015. User reviews variance, critic reviews variance, and product sales: An exploration of customer breadth and depth effects (leading article). Journal of Retailing

Tang, Y., Fang, E., Wang, F. 2014. Is Neutral Really Neutral? The Effects of Neutral User Generate Content (UGC) on Product Sales. Journal of Marketing

Fang, E. 2011. The Effect of Knowledge Dissimilarity on New Product Innovativeness in High-Tech Strategic Alliances. Organization Science

Fang, E., Palmatier, R., Rajdeep, G. 2011. Effects of Customer and Innovation Asset Configuration Strategies on Firm Performance Outcomes. Journal of Marketing Research

steenkamp, J., Fang, E. 2011. The Impact of Economic Contractions on the Effectiveness of R&D and Advertising: Evidence from U.S. Companies Spanning Three Decades (equal authorship) (forthcoming). Marketing Science

Todd, A., Fang, E., Palmatier, R. 2011. The Effects of Customer Acquisition and Retention Orientations on a Firm's Radical and Incremental Innovation Performance (equal authorship). Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, 39: 234-251


Fang, E., Zou, S. 2009. The Effect of Marketing Dynamic Capabilities on Firm’s Performance: A Dyadic Investigation in the Context of International High-Tech Joint Ventures. Journal of International Business Studies, 40: 742-762

Fang, E. 2008. Customer Participation and the Trade-Off Between New Product Innovativeness and Speed to Market. Journal of Marketing

Fang, E., Palmatier, R., Evans, K. 2008. Influence of customer participation on creating and sharing of new product value. Journal of Academy of Marketing Science

Fang, E., Palmatier, R., scheer, L., Ni, L. 2008. Trust at Different Organizational Levels. Journal of Marketing

Fang, E., Palmatier, R., steenkamp, J. 2008. Effect of Service Transition Strategies on Firm Value (leading article) (Receive the 2009 AMA SERVSIG Best Services Article Award). Journal of Marketing

Fang, E., Evans, K., Laundry, T. 2005. Control systems’ effect on attributional processes and sales outcomes: A cybernetic information-processing perspective. Journal of Academy of Marketing Science

Fang, E., Evans, K., Zou, S. 2005. The Moderating Effects of Goal-Setting Characteristics on Relationship between Sales Control and Performance. Journal of Business Research

Fang, E., Palmatier, R., Evans, K. 2004. Goal-setting paradoxes? Trade-offs between working hard and working smart: The United States versus China. Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, 32: 15

Chapters in Books

Fisher, G., Fang, E. 2016. Customer-Driven Innovation: A Conceptual Typology, Review of Theoretical Perspectives, and Future Research Directions . In Peter Golder Mitra, Debanjan (Ed.), Handbook of New Product Development Research


Bednar, M. , Fang, E. 2009. An examination of what, how and when TMT experience matters for firm innovativeness, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Chicago.