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Don Fullerton

Gutgsell Professor of Finance and Institute of Government and Public Affairs

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Articles in Journals

Fullerton, D., Gan, L., Hattori, M. 2015. A Model to Evaluate Vehicle Emission Incentive Policies in Japan. Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, 17: 79-108

Fullerton, D., Konar, M., Reif, J. 2015. Cashing in on Cutting Carbon: U.S. Clean Carbon Plan Gives Illinois a Chance for Significant State Revenue". Illinois Issues

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Baylis, K., Fullerton, D., Karney, D. 2014. Negative Leakage. Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 1: 51-73

Elliott, J., Fullerton, D. 2014. Can a Unilateral Carbon Tax Reduce Emissions Elsewhere? Resource and Energy Economics, 36: 6-21

Fullerton, D., Reif, J. 2014. Gas tax may hurt Illinois more than it helps. The State Journal-Register

Baylis, K., Fullerton, D., Karney, D. 2013. Leakage, Welfare, and Cost-Effectiveness of Carbon Policy. American Economic Review

Feng, Y., Fullerton, D., Gan, L. 2013. Vehicle Choices, Miles Driven, and Pollution Policies. Journal of Regulatory Economics

Fullerton, D., Monti, H. 2013. Can Pollution Tax Rebates Protect Low-Wage Earners? Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

Fullerton, D., Heutel, G., Metcalf, G. 2012. Does the Indexing of Government Transfers Make Carbon Pricing Progressive? American Journal of Agricultural Economics

Chapters in Books

Kolstad, C., Fullerton, D., and others, . 2014. Social, Economic, and Ethical Concepts and Methods. In IPCC (Ed.), Climate Change Mitigation (Volume III of the Fifth Assessment Report). Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change.