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Dolores Albarracin

Professor of Business Administration

Recent Publications

Albarracin, D. Forthcoming. The Formation and Change of Attitudes and Behaviors. Philadelphia: Psychology Press.

Albarracin, D., Jiang, D., Sunderrajan, A., Lohmann, S., Chan, M. Forthcoming. The Psychology of Attitudes and Persuasion. In Albarracin, D., & Johnson, B.T. (Ed.), Handbook of Attitudes, Second Edition. Philadelphia: Psychology Press.

Albarracin, D., Johnson, B. Forthcoming. Handbook of Attitudes. Philadelphia: Psychology Press.

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Albarracin, D., Jones, C., Chan, M. 2017. Countering false beliefs: An analysis of the evidence and recommendations of best practices for the retraction and correction of scientific misinformation. In Oxford Handbook of Science Communication. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Albarracin, D., Glasman, L. 2016. On taxonomies of behavior change:Multidimensional targeting for tailoring. Health Psychology Review

Albarracin, D., Liao, V., Yi, J., Zhai, C. 2016. Emerging communication systems to promote physical activity. Understanding exposure, attention, and behavior change from psychological and computational perspectives. In Weimo Zhu and Neville Owen (Ed.), Sedentary behavior and health

Albarracin, D., Weingarten, E., Chen, Q., McAdams, M., Yi, J., Helper, J. 2016. On priming action: Conclusions from a meta-analysis of the behavioral effects of incidentally-presented words. Current Opinion in Psychology, 12: 53-57

Albarracin, D., Xu, J. 2016. Constrained physical space constrains hedonism. Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 1: 557-568

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Earl, A., Crause, C., Vaid, A., Albarracin, D. 2016. Disparities in attention to HIV prevention communications. AIDS Care, 28: 79-86

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Weingarten, E., Helper, J., Chen, Q., McAdams, M., Yi, J., Albarracin, D. 2016. On priming action: A meta-analysis of the behavioral effects of incidentally presented stimuli. Psychological Bulletin, 142: 472-497

Zell, E., Su, R., Albarracin, D. 2016. Dialectical thinking and attitudes toward action/inaction beyond East Asia. In J. Spencer-Rodgers, & K. Peng (Ed.), The psychological and cultural foundations of dialectical thinking. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Honors and Awards

Mid-Career Award for Outstanding Scientific Contribution, Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Attitudes & Social Influence Interest Group, 2018

Rated as Excellent by their Students, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2016

Fellow, Institute for Health Research and Policy, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2014, 2015

Faculty Fellow, Warren Center for Network and Data Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, 2014

Fellow, Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics, University of Pennsylvania, 2014

Martin Fishbein Chair, University of Pennsylvania, 2012-2014

Service Activities

Chartered Member, National Science Foundation, Decision, Risk and Management Sciences Grant Review Panel, 2017-present
Editor, Psychological Bulletin, 2014-2015
Training Advisory Board, Training program in Social Processes of HIV/AIDS, Center for HIV and Health Intervention Research, 2005-2014

Teaching and Research Interests

Attitudes and social cognition, self-regulation. Motivational processes in attitude and behavior change. Action goals and cognitive processes. Applications of social cognition to disease prevention programs.