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Dolores Albarracin

Professor of Business Administration

Recent Publications

Albarracin, D. Forthcoming. The formation and change of attitudes and behaviors.. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum & Associates.

Albarracin, D. Forthcoming. The inner speech of behavioral regulation: Intentions and task performance strengthen when you talk to yourself as a you. European Journal of Social Psychology

Albarracin, D. Forthcoming. Liking more means doing more: Dispositional attitudes predict patterns of general action. Social Psychological and Personality Science

Albarracin, D. Forthcoming. Neuroticism and attitudes toward action in 19 countries. Journal of Personality

Albarracin, D. 2014. How verb tense affects the construal of action: The simple past tense leads people into an abstract mindset. Psicologica, 209-233

Albarracin, D. 2014. Motivational barriers to retention of at-risk young adults in HIV-prevention interventions: Perceived pressure and efficacy. A Journal of Practice & Theory

Albarracin, D. 2014. Barriers to accessing HIV-prevention in clinic settings: Higher alcohol use and more sex partners predict decreased exposure to HIV-prevention counseling. Psychology, Health, & Medicine

Albarracin, D. 2013. When is retention in health promotion interventions intentional? Predicting return to health promotion interventions as a function of busyness. Acta de investigacion psicologica, 1311-1321

Albarracin, D. 2013. Feasibility of school-based ADHD interventions: A mixed methods study of perceptions of adolescents and adults. Journal of Attention Disorders

Albarracin, D. 2013. Attitudes without objects: Evidence for a dispositional attitudes, its measurement, and its consequences. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1060-1076

Albarracin, D. 2013. Complete unconscious control: Using (in)action primes to demonstrate completely unconscious activation of inhibitory control mechanisms.. COGNITION, 128: 271-279

Albarracin, D. 2013. Reducing cultural and psychological barriers to Latino enrollment in HIV-prevention counseling: Initial data on an enrollment meta-intervention.. AIDSCARE, 25: 881-887

Albarracin, D. 2013. Cultural differences in attitudes toward action and inaction: The role of dialecticism. Social Psychological and Personality Science

Service Activities

Fellows Selection Committee, Association for Psychological Science, 2013-present
Training Advisory Board, Training program in Social Processes of HIV/AIDS, Center for HIV and Health Intervention Research, 2005-2014
Keynote Address, Social psychology of action from the lab to the field, Dutch Social Psychology Conference, 2013
Speaker, The health intervention process and social disparities in HIV prevention, HIV-Prevention Conference, 2011

Teaching and Research Interests

Attitudes and social cognition, self-regulation. Motivational processes in attitude and behavior change. Action goals and cognitive processes. Applications of social cognition to disease prevention programs.