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Aric Rindfleisch

Professor of Business Administration and John M. Jones Professor of Marketing

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Articles in Journals

Rindfleisch, A., O'Hern, M., Sachdev, V. Forthcoming. The Digital Revolution, 3D Printing, and Innovation as Data. Journal of Product Innovation Management

Mahr, D., Rindfleisch, A., Slotegraaf, R. 2015. Enhancing Crowdsourcing Success: The Role of Creative and Deliberate Problem-Solving Styles. Customer Needs and Solutions, 209-221

Wuyts, S., Rindfleisch, A., Citrin, A. 2015. Outsourcing Customer Support: The Role of Provider Customer Focus. Journal of Operations Management, 35: 40-55

Jap, S., Robertson, D., Rindfleisch, A., Hamilton, R. 2013. Low Stakes Opportunism. Journal of Marketing Research, 50: 216-217

Rindfleisch, A., Anita, K., Bercovitz, J. , Brown, J., Cannon, J., Carson, S., Ghosh, M., Helper, S., Robertson, D., Wathne, K. 2010. Transaction Costs, Opportunism, and Governance: Contextual Considerations and Future Research Opportunities. Marketing Letters, 21: 211-222

Rindfleisch, A. 1996. Marketing as Warfare: Reassessing a Dominant Metaphor,. Business Horizons, 3-10


Sachdev, V. , Rindfleisch, A. 2013. Learning by Making at the MakerLab, 3D Printing Expo, New York.