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Alex Sleptsov

Adjunct Lecturer of Business Administration

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Articles in Journals

Sleptsov, A., Anand, J., Vasudeva, G. 2013. Relational Configurations with Information Intermediaries: The Effect of Firm-Investment Bank Ties on Expected Acquisition Performance. Strategic Management Journal, 34: 957-977

Sleptsov, A., Anand, J. 2008. Exercising entrepreneurial opportunities: The role of information-gathering and information-processing capabilities of the firm. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 2: 15

Chapters in Books

Sleptsov, A. 2010. Allure and danger of the boutiques: The influence of the specialization of investment bank on the acquirer’s performance. In S. Finkelstein and C. Cooper (Ed.), Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions, 13


Sleptsov, A., Weigelt, C. 2012. Why Mergers and Acquisitions advice rarely pays off: ineffective advisors or experience incompatibility, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Boston.

Sleptsov, A., Cardinal, L. 2010. Short-circuiting information flows: Effects of the firm's structure and internal networks on its innovation output, Strategic Management Society, Rome.

Sleptsov, A., Weigelt, C. 2009. The complexity of learning in acquisitions: Advisor effects, Strategic Management Society, Washington, D.C..

Sleptsov, A. 2008. The double-edged sword of proximal relationships: An analysis of firm-investment bank ties, Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Sleptsov, A., Dastidar, P. 2007. Cross-border acquisition waves: Country and industry effects, Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Sleptsov, A. 2006. Imitation and learning in acquisition decisions: The dual role of investment banks, Atlanta Competitive Advantage Conference

Sleptsov, A. 2005. Investment banks in acquisitions: Favoring friends or clients?, Strategic Management Society

Sleptsov, A. 2003. Effects of mode and strength of the firm's ties to investment banks on its acquisition performance, Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Sleptsov, A. 2003. Information-gathering and information-processing capabilities and the firm acquisition performance, Academy of Management Annual Meeting