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Alex Chinco

Assistant Professor of Finance

Educational Background

Ph.D., Finance, New York University, 2014
B.A., Economics, University of Chicago, 2006

Honors and Awards

Marcus Nadler Doctoral Fellowship, NYU Stern Business School, 2012-2013

Edwin Elton Prize, Best Job-Market Paper in Asset Pricing, 2012

Service Activities

Presenter, NYU Stern (Finance), NUS IRES Conference, AEA (proposed), 2014
Referee, American Economic Review, 2013-2014
Referee, Fince Research Letters, 2013-2014
Referee, Journal of Financial Intermediation, 2013-2014
Referee, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2013-2014
Presenter, Arizona State (Finance), Ohio State (Finance), Illinois (Finance), Wharton (Real Estate), Yale (Finance), Toronto (Finance), WFA, AFA, AREUEA, 2013
Presenter, NBER Behavioral Finance/Housing Bubbles Program, NBER Project on Housing and the Financial Crisis, Housing-Urban-Labor-Macro (HULM) Conference, 2012