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A. Rashad Abdel-Khalik

Professor of Accountancy and V.K. Zimmerman Professor of International Accounting

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Articles in Journals

Abdel-Khalik, A. 2017. How Enron Used Accounting for Prepaid Commodity Swaps to Delay Bankruptcy for One Decade: The Shadowy Relationships with Big Banks. Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance

Abdel-Khalik, A., Chen, P. 2015. Growth in Financial Derivatives: The Public Policy and Accounting Incetives. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 34: 291-318

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Chapters in Books

Abdel-Khalik, A. 1982. Discussion of the Structure of Accounting Theory: Some Basic Conceptual and Methodological Issues. In Basu and Milburn (Ed.), Research to Support Standard Setting in Financial Accounting: A Canadian Perspective, 81-89. The Clarkson Gordon Foundation.

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Abdel-Khalik, A., Chen, P. Forthcoming. Negotiation Surplus as a Determinant of Auditing Fees, European Auditing Research Network Symposium, Leuven.