Career Information & Planning

The College of Business Career Services Office provides placement services for students completing undergraduate or graduate degree programs, and for university alumni as well. Increasing numbers of firms in the real estate industry are making contact with students through the Office. The Office of Real Estate Research maintains a Job Book containing a list of employment opportunities in the real estate industry. The Office of Real Estate Research encourages employers seeking to fill positions in real estate-related areas to submit notices of position openings for publication in the Job Book. Submit such notices directly to professor Cannaday at

The University of Illinois has a student organization for students interested in real estate careers called the Rho Epsilon Real Estate Student Association. This career-oriented organization provides real estate students with the opportunity to meet with experienced professionals, to discuss job opportunities with representatives of employing organizations, and to network with recent graduates and with others embarking on careers in the real estate field.

Alumni of the university who end up in real estate related positions in the Chicago area are encouraged to join the Illini Real Estate Forum which fosters networking among UIUC alumni in the real estate industry and with current UIUC students. Go to for more information.

Current UIUC students interested in careers in real estate are encouraged to participate in the mentorship (job shadowing) program offered by the Eisenberg Foundation. Go to for more information.