Storage Options and Access


College of Business faculty and staff have access to three different types of storage space: An SMB drive, UofI Box, and SharePoint.

SMB Drive
(P Drive)
UofI Box Sharepoint
Access to files from off-campus yes yes yes
Access by users external to UofI yes
OIM assistance with assigning permissions yes yes
Mobile App Support yes yes


What is an SMB drive?
The College of Business is able to office SMB storage space for research and business purposes where user data is backed up. SMB drives are often setup for departments or groups to work collaboratively on documents. The drive uses the SMB or webdav protocol to connect from a PC, Mac or Linux machine.

What is UofI Box?
UofI Box is OIM’s recommended default location for storing personal or work files. The University of Illinois provides each user with 50 GB of space to securely store files in a manner that can be shared with external users or access through any mobile device. The University will not allow these accounts to be provisioned for an entire college or managed directly by OIM. Therefore you must setup this account on you own with the following directions and setup and maintain the needed permissions. For more details about Box, including unsupported file types, see see the Box Sync FAQ.

What is SharePoint?
All three campuses have access to a Microsoft SharePoint system, which can be used to collaboratively work on documents through the web, Outlook or Mobile Apps. To setup a SharePoint page, send an email to

SMB Drive

The SMB drive can be accessed through SMB by going to \ Externally this share can be accessed once connected to VPN.

The SMB drive can be accessed through webdav for use off of campus.

UofI Box

Step1. Navigate your browser to and click “Box Sign up page.”

Wireless instructions

Step 2. Select which university you attend and then click “Select this campus.”


Wireless instructions

Step 3. Enter your login credentials.

Wireless instructions

Step 4. Click on “Create Account” and you will be taken to your box account.

Wireless instructions

Step 5. If you need to access your files again, simply go to the main page and login once more using your U of I credentials.

Wireless instructions