Send a Story to Commemorate Professor Huseyin Leblebici

Take a minute to record a story or upload a high-quality photo to share with his family. A small number of stories may be selected for the commemoration presentation.

  1. State your name, your connection, and your current position.
  2. Take a minute to tell a story! (Please limit the video to one minute.)

Upload your videos/photos by clicking this link:

Click Choose File. Select the video files from the photo/video gallery or folder on your phone. Enter your first and last name and email address, then click Upload. Once the upload is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation via email that your submission was successful.

Tips for recording a quality video

  1. Find an attractive background
    A solid color wall or a bookshelf behind you work well. Avoid background items that may be distracting.
  2. Have light in front of you
    Don’t have windows or bright lights behind you. Looking at a window will light your face nicely.
  3. Work in selfie mode with your camera held horizontally
    Use the front facing camera so you can see that you are in a good position on the screen.
  4. If you can, support the camera
    Just leaning the phone against a stack of books, rather than holding it in your hand, helps keep things steady.
  5. Keep the camera close so your face fills the screen
    We want to see you! Holding the camera at arm’s length and just above shoulder level ensures you are the right size in the video.