MBA student Suchit Pandey interns at Deloitte with the help of Business Career Services

Q&A with Suchit Pandey
MBA Candidate '15
Advisory Consultant Intern, Deliotte

Q. What led to your Deloitte internship?
A. With my previous experience in the IT industry, I was looking for an IT consulting role where I could combine my experience with my MBA learning. I applied to Deloitte with the help of BCS and was interviewed for two rounds on campus and two rounds at its Chicago office. BCS helped me prepare for this process through mock interviews and resume critique sessions. I also researched the company culture, the roles, and the responsibilities, and connected with the some of the current employees to learn more about the company.

Q. Which internship program are you doing at Deloitte? What are your responsibilities?
A. As part of my internship, I’m working under the Enterprise Risk Services division as an advisory consultant intern. My responsibilities include educating Deloitte clients about the importance of identity and access management and how it can be integrated in their current systems to make them more efficient and secure.

Q. Tell us about the best part of your internship.
A. The best part has been learning about Deloitte’s culture. It’s impressive to see how much the company invests in its people. Every employee is very approachable and receptive. Most of the principals/partners/directors have an open-door policy; I’ve been able to just walk in and talk to them about my career progression. I realized that Deloitte wants its employees to be successful. They equip you with all the resources and opportunities required to have a successful career here.

Q. What advice would you give MBA students about the internship process?
A. From my experience with the internship search, I realized that the rejections or the waiting periods become very frustrating. However, I believe that you should never give up; instead, you should keep trying and consulting with the BCS. It’s also important to be ready for a next-day interview because you never know when an opportunity will knock on your door. Apart from this, I’d recommend that everyone do their research about the roles and responsibilities of the job profile and try to realize what they’ll bring to the table if a company hires them. 

Q. What’s something you learned during your first year as an Illinois MBA student?
A. In my first year, I’ve learned that it’s essential to strike the right balance between performing well in the MBA curriculum and searching for an internship. It really gets tough if one simply focuses on just one of these two aspects.