Play ball! MBA student Nasir Qureshi’s Cubs internship hits a home run

Q&A with Nisar Qureshi
JD – MBA Candidate ’16
Sourcing and Procurement Intern
Accounting Department, Chicago Cubs

Built in 1914, Wrigley Field is the quintessential American ballpark. If you grew up in the Chicago area, odds are you were raised a Cubs fan. With the historic, ivy-covered walls as our backdrop, we caught up with summer intern—and JD–MBA candidate—Nisar Qureshi.

Q. Are you a Cubs fan?
A. Yes, I’m a Cubs fan and grew up a Cubs fan.

Q. What led you to your internship with the Cubs?
A. I was able to connect with the Cubs at the University of Illinois College of Business Career Fair, where they had a booth set up. I've always been passionate about working in athletics and knew that working for the Cubs would be an organization where I could learn a great deal. I've had quite a bit of experience working on the operations side of athletics, namely in basketball (last summer I worked for the Brooklyn Nets in their Basketball Operations Department, the summer before for a sports agency in Philadelphia, and the summer before that for USA Basketball, all while working for the University of Illinois men's basketball program for the last six years). The Cubs presented an opportunity to work on the business side of sports, which is somewhere I wanted to get a better grasp of the industry.

Q. Tell us about the best part of your internship.
A. The best part of my internship is walking to work at Wrigley Field everyday. It never gets old. Every morning I take a moment to think of how lucky I am to be at a place where so many historic icons in the sport have passed through, such as Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson.

Q. What advice would you give MBA students about the internship process?
A. The biggest advice I can give to MBA students is to identify the industry you want to work in and begin building your network in that field immediately. Many fields are very interconnected and it only takes one recommendation to help you land the job you want.

Q. What’s something you learned during your first year as an Illinois MBA student?
A. In my first year as an MBA student, I learned the true importance of networking. I found that many of my classmates received their internships through networking and not through applying to jobs without a personal connection.