Yearly Archives: 2012

Play to Extinction (Video)

John Kindt, professor emeritus of business administration, relates the insights of the The US National Gambling Impact Study Commission.

Billions of Dollars Owed by Gambling Interests

John Kindt, professor of business administration, argues Illinois needs to collect money from gambling interests before attacking benefits owed to public servants.

7 Things You Should Know about Microlectures

Norma Scagnoli, director of eLearning, contributes her online learning expertise to an important topic covered in an Educase publication. (Title link is found under Publications)

Ghosh Interview: University Pension Plan (Audio)

Avijit Ghosh, professor of business administration, explains a proposal that he and Finance Professor Jeffrey Brown recently authored. The proposal would change how the State Universities Retirement System operates.

Kindt Recommends Faculty Voice Concerns Now

John Kindt, professor emeritus of business administration and chair of the faculty and academic staff benefits committee, recommended UIUC Senate Executive Committee members express their concerns to decision-makers before the Illinois General Assembly meets in January.