We Are Family

By Stephanie Benhart

When freshmen first come to the College of Business they are welcomed into the Business family of support.

Associate Dean Victor Mullins is trying to reinforce this idea for students with a new effort called “Straight Talks.” During their first semester on campus, freshmen are encouraged to attend these group meetings with Mullins.

“It is important to make sure their [freshmen’s] first semester is a great transition from high school,” Mullins said of Straight Talk’s purpose.

Each Straight Talk session consists of a group of about 15 students meeting with Mullins on Friday afternoons in an informal setting. Freshmen are able to talk about whatever is on their minds. They are encouraged to talk to their “family” about classes, professors, internships and campus life in general. The initial invitation to the talks was met with enormous support. More than 350 of the 500 freshmen replied to the initial invitation.

“It’s important for freshmen to feel a sense of community