Sougiannis Named KPMG Distinguished Professor of Accountancy

Champaign, IL, October 18, 2006.  The College of Business at the University of Illinois is pleased to announce that Professor Theodore Sougiannis has been appointed the KPMG Distinguished Professor of Accountancy. By conferring the KPMG Professorship on Professor Sougiannis, the College recognizes and celebrates his many contributions in the field of Accountancy and to his Department and the College.

Professor Sougiannis joined the College in 1990, after receiving his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. Earlier he graduated from the University of Pireaus (Greece) and received M.B.A and M.A. degrees from York University in Canada. His research focuses on the use of accounting numbers in stock market valuations, the choice of financial accounting rules, and accounting regulation. His research papers in these areas