Steven Miller Scholarship Awarded to Rising Business Stars

The Steven N. Miller Entrepreneurial Scholarships for 2005 were awarded to Lynsey Honegger, Zachary Horn, and Pedro Castaneda for academic success and demonstrating a zealous passion for entrepreneurship. Collectively, the three recipients have a range of experiences and diverse backgrounds.

wedding dress.Collinsville, IL, native and 2005 Finance alumna Lynsey Honegger started her first company before her senior year of college. “It was based on an opportunity I discovered for disc jockeys, photographers, limousine companies, and other wedding vendors to advertise while a bride-to-be is fitted her gown at the bridal shop,” says Honegger, who found profitability in creating advertisements for the vendors and placing them in dressing rooms at certain bridal shops. She now has her eye on a startup venture that involves research in micro-manufacturing that has been done by two graduate students in the University of Illinois College of Engineering. “The product we are planning to market involves a patent-pending technology that allows a precision manufacturing machine to be much smaller than