Paper Acceptance – Fei Du

Congratulations to Fei Du. Her paper titled “Do Corporate Site Visits Impact Stock Prices ” co-authored with Qiang Cheng, Xin Wang, and Yutao Wang has been accepted at Contemporary Accounting Research.

Paper Acceptance – A. Rashad Abdel-khalik

Congratulations to A. Rashad Abdel-khalik. His paper titled “Negotiation Surplus as a Determinant of Auditing Fees” with Po-Chang Chen has been accepted for presentation at the EARNet Symposium to be held September 29-30 in Belgium.

Paper Acceptance – Anne Thompson

Congratulations to Anne Thompson. Her paper titled “Audit partner tenure and internal control reporting quality: U.S. evidence from the not-for-profit sector” co-authored with Brian Fitzgerald and Tom Omer has been accepted at Contemporary Accounting Research.

Paper Acceptance – Pete Lisowsky

Congratulations to Pete Lisowsky. His paper titled “Flexibility in Income Shifting under Losses,” co-authored with Arnt Hopland (Norwegian School of Economics), Mohammed Mardan (ETH Zurich), and Dirk Schindler (Norwegian School of Economics), has been accepted for publication in The Accounting … Continued

Paper Acceptance – Ciao-Wei Chen

Congratulations to Ciao-Wei Chen. His paper “The Effect of Income Shifting on the Information Environment: Evidence from Two-Stage Least Squares and SFAS 131” with Brad Hepfer (Texas A&M), Phil Quinn (University of Washington), and Ryan Wilson (University of Oregon) was … Continued

Paper Acceptance – Mark Peecher

Congratulations to Mark Peecher.  His paper, “Legal Disputes Against Independent Auditors: Insights from Prominent Attorneys” with Eldar Maksymov (Arizona State University), Jeffrey S. Pickerd (The University of Mississippi), D. Jordan Lowe (Arizona State University), and Andrew Reffett (Miami University of … Continued

Paper Acceptance – David Koo

Congratulations to David Koo. His working paper, “Do Career Concerns Affect the Delay of Bad News Disclosure?” coauthored with S. Baginski, J. Campbell, and L. Hinson has been accepted by The Accounting Review.

Paper Acceptance – Mark Peecher and Jessen Hobson

Congratulations to Mark Peecher and Jessen Hobson.  Their paper, “Improving Experienced Auditors’ Detection of Deception in CEO Narratives”, with William J. Mayew and Mohan Venkatachalam (both from Duke University) has been formally accepted at the Journal of Accounting Research.

Paper Acceptance – Clara Chen

Congratulations to Clara Chen.  Her paper, “The Effect of Incentive Framing and Descriptive Norms on Internal Whistleblowing” coauthored with Jennifer Nichol (former Illinois doctoral student; currently at Northeastern University) and Flora Zhou (Georgia State University) has been accepted for publication … Continued