Paper Acceptance – Gerlando Lima

Congratulations to Gerlando Lima.  His paper entitled “The Effect of National Culture on the Relationship between IFRS Adoption and Cost of Equity Capital,” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of International Accounting Research.

Paper Acceptance – Fei Du

Congratulations to Fei Du.  Her paper entitled “Defending Mao’s Dream: How Politicians’ Ideological Imprinting Affects Firms’ Political Appointments” coauthored with Chris Marquis and Danqing Wang is conditionally accepted at Academy of Management Journal (AMJ).

Fulbright Scholar Rachel Jacoby Will Teach in Malaysia

Graduating senior and new Fulbright Scholar Rachel Jacoby ’18 ACCY/BA views her business education much differently than when she first arrived on the University of Illinois campus. Then, she was expecting to travel along a fairly conventional course. “When I … Continued

Paper Acceptance – Mark Peecher

Congratulations to Professor Mark Peecher and formal doctoral student Cassandra Estep (now at Emory University).  Their paper, “The Role of Tacit Knowledge in Auditor Expertise and Human Capital Development” with Jasmijn Bol (Tulane) and Frank Moers (Maastricht) was accepted for … Continued

Accountancy Grad Programs Achieve STEM Designation

The graduate programs in the Department of Accountancy have recently received a STEM designation from the Illinois Board of Higher Education. STEM refers to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Being designation as STEM degree programs reflects a recognition of the … Continued

Paper Acceptance – Wei Li

Congratulations to Wei Li. His paper with Qintao Fan (Univ. of Oregon), titled “Leading indicator variables and managerial incentives in a dynamic agency setting,” has been accepted for publication at the Review of Accounting Studies. His other paper with Pierre … Continued

Williams receives Outstanding Auditing Dissertation Award

“In our line of work, rarely do you hear ‘Good job,’” said Accountancy Assistant Professor Devin Williams. “At best, you get a ‘revise and resubmit’ from an academic journal.” But, occasionally, professors do receive positive recognition and feedback for hard … Continued