Monthly Archives: July 2017

Paper Acceptance – Pete Lisowsky

Congratulations to Pete Lisowsky. His paper titled “Flexibility in Income Shifting under Losses,” co-authored with Arnt Hopland (Norwegian School of Economics), Mohammed Mardan (ETH Zurich), and Dirk Schindler (Norwegian School of Economics), has been accepted for publication in The Accounting … Continued

Paper Acceptance – Ciao-Wei Chen

Congratulations to Ciao-Wei Chen. His paper “The Effect of Income Shifting on the Information Environment: Evidence from Two-Stage Least Squares and SFAS 131” with Brad Hepfer (Texas A&M), Phil Quinn (University of Washington), and Ryan Wilson (University of Oregon) was … Continued

Paper Acceptance – Mark Peecher

Congratulations to Mark Peecher.  His paper, “Legal Disputes Against Independent Auditors: Insights from Prominent Attorneys” with Eldar Maksymov (Arizona State University), Jeffrey S. Pickerd (The University of Mississippi), D. Jordan Lowe (Arizona State University), and Andrew Reffett (Miami University of … Continued