Yearly Archives: 2017

Paper Acceptance – Dan Zhou

Congratulations to Dan Zhou. His paper entitled “How Does Intrinsic Motivation Improve Auditor Judgment in Complex Audit Tasks?” with Kathryn Kadous has been accepted at Contemporary Accounting Research.  The paper was also presented at the 2016 Contemporary Accounting Research Conference … Continued

Paper Acceptance – Anne Thompson

Congratulations to Anne Thompson.  Her paper with Keith Czerney and Jaime Schmidt, “Do investors respond to explanatory language included in unqualified audit reports?”, has been accepted at Contemporary Accounting Research.  

Paper Acceptance – John Hepp

Congratulations to John Hepp. His paper,  “ASC 606: Challenges in Understanding and Applying Revenue Recognition”, has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Accounting Education.

Paper Acceptance – Ciao-Wei Chen

Congratulations to Ciao-Wei Chen. His paper, “The Effect of Tax-Motivated Income Shifting on Information Asymmetry” with Brad Hepfer (Texas A&M), Phil Quinn (Washington), and Ryan Wilson (Oregon), has been accepted for publication at Review of Accounting Studies. This paper was … Continued

Six Faculty Receive First Annual Dean’s Impact Award

Six outstanding faculty in the Gies College of Business have been announced as the first class of recipients for the newly established Dean’s Impact Award: Angel Chatterton, Noah Isserman, Robert Metzger, Hayden Noel, Rachel Schwartz, and Martin Widdicks. This new … Continued

Paper Acceptance – Christie Hayne

Congratulations to Christie Hayne. Her paper, “A Field Study on Small Accounting Firm Membership in Associations and Networks: Implications for Audit Quality” with Kenneth L. Bills (University of Arkansas) and Sarah E. Stein (Virginia Tech), has been for publication in … Continued

Paper Acceptance – Clara Chen

Congratulations to Clara Chen. Her paper entitled “Leveling the Playing Field: The Selection and Motivation Effects of Tournament Prize Spread Information” (coauthored with Eddy Cardinaels at KU Leuven and Tilburg University and Huaxiang Yin at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore) … Continued

Paper Acceptance – David Koo

Congratulations to David Koo.  His paper, “Influential Chief Marketing Officers and Management Revenue Forecasts” (coauthored with D. Lee at McGill University), has been just accepted at The Accounting Review.