Hear what our students and alumni have to say about the Program


How much time will I spend on class work outside of class?
The time varies by individual and by class, but as a general rule, students spend about the same amount of time working outside of class as they do in class.

I am a seasoned tax professional – how will this Program help me?
Our curriculum is multi-dimensional and, as such, provides an opportunity for all tax professionals, even those with significant experience, to hone their skills. Besides the ability to gain in-depth knowledge in many areas of the tax law, the workshops provide an opportunity to enhance other business skills such as communication, negotiation, etc., and the lyceums provide opportunities to network with leaders in the profession. Finally, you will obtain an outstanding credential from ILLINOIS which is highly respected in the business community and the tax profession.

Is the Program too advanced for someone with my limited tax experience?
We believe our curriculum works for all experience levels. As a less-experienced tax professional, personal goals for enrolling in the Program may differ from those of your more-experienced counterparts. For example, you may be interested in gaining in-depth tax knowledge in areas of tax where you’ve had limited exposure. Whatever your goals, we are confident that our Program will provide you with the knowledge and skills that will help you advance to the next level.

May I take only the classes I want or need?
Our curriculum is designed to be taken in its totality. We believe that our team-based curriculum enhances the learning of not only the individual, but the class as a whole. The knowledge each student brings to the class enhances the richness of the learning experience for all students. This important dynamic would be reduced if students only took some of the courses.

May I take fewer classes and complete the Program over a longer period of time?
We require that the courses be taken within the 12 month academic year in order to ensure that you receive the full benefits of the Program. Both the teamwork and the networking advantages are maximized when the cohort remains the same for the entire academic year.

Will I get credit for the classes I have taken in another MS Tax Program?
Unfortunately, the content of our courses generally does not coincide with the content of the courses taught in other programs, thereby precluding the ability to give credit for courses taken in other programs.

How does the cost of the ILLINOIS MS Tax Program compare to other MS Tax programs?
The $38,200 cost of our Program is very competitive with other top MS Tax programs. Our cost is all-inclusive and not only covers tuition, but also books, fees, and all meals for class days, workshop and lyceum events.  The MS Tax Program in Chicago includes key program expenses as part of the tuition paid by participants. The key expenses include books and materials provided to the participants as part of the tuition. Books and materials are distributed at the beginning of each semester. The MS Tax Program receives a discount on the books that could not be obtained by the participant on their own. Other materials are proprietary to the program and cannot be obtained outside of the program.